I love these tasty burgers These are the most tasty meaty burgers ive ever had the pleasure of eating, they are low fat and meaty resulting in a rare guilt free pleasure. They arent too big and fantastic on a toasted bap. I only wish they were cheaper, but a fantastic treat. 4 stars because of the price and they shrink but 5 stars for taste Submitted by Emerald 15/01/2018 11:20
Buffalo burgers Too thin too chewy/tough Submitted by bev 27/10/2017 12:49
Disappointing These did not cook well despite following the instructions, lots of juice came out and ended up blackened on the baking tray. Unfortunately despite being 'lean' they were also tough (quite unlike the tender ones we ate in USA). They are also too thin, they need to be thicker. Submitted by Hveagy 10/07/2017 10:14
Tasty At only just over 160 calories I had to try these! I cooked them for 20 mins in the oven and they stayed moist, didn't shrink too much, had no horrid gristly bits like in some burgers. I couldn't taste the mushroom though. Would buy again as I`m trying to lose weight, and served in a bread 'thin' with a bit of sliced tomato and onion these make a great low cal, low fat meal. Submitted by smoggy123 01/07/2017 07:04