Feefo Customer Review They are good value but date usually next day or 2 Submitted by N Thorpe 31/08/2018 10:37
Feefo Customer Review Well what can I say thay are very tasty Submitted by G Spurling 31/08/2018 10:37
Feefo Customer Review Nice and tasty for a snack Submitted by D Turnock 31/08/2018 10:37
Bad Not a nice taste and they were tough to chew. Submitted by Paul 31/05/2018 11:13
Not great.. These say improved flavour but I'm not a fan. Don't have a great deal of taste. It's a shame because I always used to buy these before the change but can't see me doing so again. Submitted by timocad 13/05/2018 08:41