Not too bad Not bad for the price, though I find about 1 in 5 either leaks or doesn't connect to the battery unit properly. At this price though it's hard to complain. Submitted by R Kitson 21/04/2018 04:57
Cheap....for a reason These are around a quarter of the cost of most clearomisers, but there are problems. 1. They burn eliquid very quickly. I have to fill it 5 times a day, whereas my old clearomisers were filled no more than twice. 2. They leak like a sieve into the top of the battery which is not only annoying because you constantly have to clean up the mess, but also wastes a lot of eliquid. I've had the same problem with 5 consecutive clearomisers, so buying these might prove to be false economy. Submitted by Lee 18/09/2017 07:48
Good value Surprised to find them at this price outside of specialist shops. Bit disappointed that one of the two I bought didn't work, but for a quid, who cares? Fits other units of similar make. Not too large, easy storage and carrying. Submitted by Ray Kitson. 15/09/2017 10:09
Very good I used to buy these online for £4.30 each. These are every bit as good for less than a quarter of the price I was paying. Submitted by Lynn W 25/01/2017 07:39