Smells like fresh tobacco I used to smoke roll ups its good stuff but the smell clings to fabrics Submitted by cheapo tester 07/01/2018 02:04
Good value A nice flavour, not too harsh as I've found some can be. Reasonable price for the supply. Submitted by Ray Kitson. 15/09/2017 10:05
Good value Good taste, good throat hit. A bargain at the price compared to other e-liquids. The one downside is that it seems to burn quicker than more expensive liquids. This 10ml bottle lasts 3-4 days, as compared to 7 with other 10ml liquids. Still cheaper though. Submitted by Lee 03/04/2017 11:05
Not bad! :D One thing I will state: It's strong stuff, so use with moderation. Other than that it's pretty good and at this price? Why not! Submitted by Funky Boy 21/02/2017 02:52