Utterly Gorgeous Loads of meat and top off with two large dumplings. Submitted by bpawsey583@aol.com 26/11/2013 07:49
Spot On! Gorgeous Beef Stew & Dumplings, which our whole family adore. The dumplings are lovely and filling and the stew has plenty of meat in and a lovely rich peppery sauce. I've even used 4 of these in my slow cooker and made it look like I cooked it *lol* not a drop was left :) Submitted by leatrix fenney 30/10/2013 01:48
Poor quality will stay clear of Was looking forward to this as it looked very appealing on the pack. The dumplings looked crisp but were like raw paste underneath. Stew bot too bad but bit bland but whole thing was unpleasant to eat as the dumplings just left slimy paste over all. Submitted by Miss wibby 16/05/2013 10:41