Best sausage rolls These are the tastiest sausage rolls Iceland do by a mile! Submitted by Jessica 18/04/2017 10:14
Tasty sausage roll Excellent value and very tasty, was a winner in our house. Submitted by Amanda Martin 11/04/2017 12:53
Wow Cooked these in my halogen oven and they taste just the same as those you buy in the shop. The bite sized ones are great too as a treat for my little one who has type 1 diabetes. Brilliant to see carbohydrate levels on the nutrition tab - makes shopping easier. Submitted by Di 04/02/2017 06:26
Really nice I normally don't like Iceland's sausage rolls as the pastry is usually awful and it's hunt the sausage meat. As these were Gregg's thought give them a try and the pasty was lovely and plenty of sausage meat which was very tasty. So in my opinion 5 out of 5 Submitted by dawn 16/12/2016 07:00
Very Tasty These have got to be the tastiest sausage rolls we have had. Definitely recommend them. Submitted by Digger 07/08/2016 04:41
Greggs sausage rolls Having had them recently, I wonder if they are trying to keep pepper growers in business? Tasted more like pepper rolls than sausage rolls! Submitted by m lingard 22/07/2016 04:10
Fantastic Amazing sausage rolls! Submitted by Anonymous 21/04/2016 11:02
Yeah Very good Submitted by bob marley 15/04/2016 02:05
Greggs sausage rolls! If you like Greggs Sausage rolls then you will like these! They taste exactly the same as the ones in the shop, but cheaper! Who knew that frozen sausage rolls could taste so good! Submitted by Neat 11/04/2016 01:55
Best sausage rolls These are the only brand I buy Submitted by Anonymous 03/04/2016 05:36
Not as nice as they need to be These do indeed taste like the rolls from Greggs... but sadly Gregg’s rolls are not as nice as they used to be. I was a bit disappointed. But if you like the rolls currently on sale in store then you will be happy with these. Submitted by Patrick 20/03/2016 05:18
Simply the Best!! These sausage rolls have got to be the best you can buy....just like homemade and ready to eat in less than half an hour. What more could you wish for?!! Submitted by Rebecca 10/03/2016 03:52
Fab stuff Love them and my 17 year old son gave the seal of approval saying they taste exactly like the shop Submitted by storm 26/12/2015 11:36
Tasty These are tasty sausage rolls, I recommend these. Submitted by lisa west 08/12/2015 02:08
Delicious The best sausage rolls. Great with a mixture of pickles. Love them. Submitted by Carol 28/11/2015 07:37
Lovely My family loved these, didn't tell them they were frozen as I bought them before and they wouldn't eat them because they were frozen but they didn't notice any difference. Submitted by Lynne c 07/11/2015 01:08
Greggs at Home Delicious and taste just like the real thing ! Great for a quick snack. Submitted by Marie 07/10/2015 01:27
It's Greggs What can I say. Now you can bake your own Greggs... FANTASTIC :) Submitted by Add 19/07/2015 08:31
Tasty! Very nice sausage rolls. Make a great snack. Submitted by Mel 28/05/2015 12:53
Bonzer These sausage rolls are delicious - plenty of filling and scrumptious pastry. Great freezer standby. Submitted by DoubleEm 24/05/2015 09:01
Greggs sausage rolls. Best ever frozen sausage rolls, very tasty, wouldn't buy any other brands. Submitted by Lindydoo55 11/05/2015 10:36
Greggs sausage rolls Best sausage rolls, handy to have in freezer and cheaper than the bakery. Submitted by sandy mould 10/04/2015 05:22
A MUST BUY!!! By far the best frozen sausage rolls - like many other people have commented - taste just like you've bought from the bakery! Delicious!!! Submitted by J&D Mummy 30/01/2015 11:32
Gorgeous Absolutely gorgeous, just like Greggs. Submitted by mandy king 19/11/2014 04:20
Gorgeous! Really lovely sausage rolls, tasty sausage meat, lovely pastry and not covered in grease 5* Submitted by Anniepops 15/09/2014 01:58
Just like GREGGS!!!! Absolutely lovely sausage rolls. They tasted and looked exactly like what you would find in a Gregg's shop. Very tasty! Submitted by Jay 14/09/2014 12:11
Yummy! Disappointed at first to discover it needed to be baked, but in the end it was perfect as they were just as you get them from the bakers - crispy, good flavour and not greasy. Submitted by marie-louise 25/08/2014 08:43
Great Product Great product at a great price Submitted by Anonymous 29/07/2014 02:02
lovely - but! Lovely rolls with great pastry, but a shame someone went mad with the pepper! Submitted by m.lingard 08/07/2014 09:53
Beware of burns! Like all the Greggs stuff that comes straight out of the oven, allow to rest before eating as they are scolding hot and can result in burns and blisters. Could use more flavour as they're a bit bland. Submitted by Melanie Hoyle 04/07/2014 10:37
SIMPLY SUPER Very tasty sausage & lovely flaky pastry. Best ever! Submitted by Lady Jane 01/02/2014 01:03
Good product Very good product, I've repeatedly bought these. Lovely flaky pastry. Submitted by Nikkie 03/01/2014 02:18
OMG they're LUSH OMG they're LUSH. Submitted by The Pie Man 19/11/2013 02:35
Just like the real thing.... excellent saving - used to buy these from Greggs fresh but these are just as nice and 1/2 the price!! Submitted by Tasha 18/09/2013 11:43