Love these! These buns are perfect in my our opinion. Just as good as a takeaway burger bun. Lovely and light taste (they don't detract from the flavour of your chosen filling at all.) We like to have them with the Iceland hot and spicy breaded chicken steaks, but they're good for any type of burger/sandwich. I do however have to agree with a previous reviewer who said "the only problem is freezer space". Aside from that they're excellent! Submitted by clare 31/10/2014 09:10
Lovely Buns These really are lovely buns for your burgers or for anything else. Submitted by Reg 16/10/2014 07:48
Excellent value for money These don't take too long to defrost. If you're in a hurry cover them and put them in a microwave on defrost setting for a few mins. They're actually much better warmed anyway when making burgers with a slice of slightly melted cheese. Submitted by Melanie Hoyle 04/07/2014 10:06
The BEST!!! Love these buns! Already sliced for quickness! Great with Burgers or tuna and mayonnaise or sliced boiled eggs and mayo or anything really!!! I JUST LOVE THEM!! Cheap and very Tasty!!! Submitted by Paul wade 02/05/2014 10:15
Really practical If like me you don't get a chance to buy fresh rolls every day, these are really handy and defrost while the burgers are cooking. Only drawback is the space in the freezer required. Submitted by Anonymous 07/01/2014 10:49
very nice! 12 great value burger buns for £1! Excellent taste. I recommend these. Submitted by Anonymous 28/11/2013 09:24
Burger buns Great to keep in freezer defrost quick don't stick together so can take out what you need good quality Submitted by Anonymous 10/08/2013 06:29