Lots of pepper These are wonderful, especially if you like lots of pepper on your burger. These cook really well either grilled or dry fried, minimum shrinkage and excellent value for money Submitted by Sharon 11/02/2017 01:30
Delicious Absolutely beautiful, I don't usually like beef burgers but these are second to none, quite spicy but absolutely divine!! highly recommended!!! Submitted by Cleopatra 15/03/2015 10:37
Peppered Beef Grill Steaks Horrible! The only way I could describe the taste is saying they taste like a cheap burger van burger. Very fatty when you cook them, but you would expect low quality at such a low price! They are only good quality in terms of looks! The one good point I can say about these are that they are quick to cook, cook well and that they do not shrink in size when cooking them. Submitted by Brandon Johnson 10/08/2014 11:17
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