Lovely These are really good quality chicken dippers, better than the leading brands Submitted by lisa 29/01/2016 11:08
Good stuff!!! Great quality, easy to cook, kids love them, much better than goujon's version available. Submitted by Anonymous 11/01/2014 07:03
Crispy chicken These are lovely and crisp, great value for money! Submitted by Kerry 17/10/2013 06:14
Easy go This strips is a life saver and I can do it in too many different ways, like sider protein to the vedge. Fries, or you can do it in a wrap as fajita, or in sandwiches with mayo, ketchup, mustered and slices of tomato, onion, pickles what ever u like, any way u like, so it is perrrrrfect ;-) Submitted by Hend 12/10/2013 12:19