Very dissapointing This was inedible, smelt disgusting and I had to bin it. Submitted by Kat Dee 25/01/2015 10:31
Not the best I liked princes tinned corned beef hash so thought I'd try this. Have to say it's not great, I wouldn't buy again until the recipe changed. Submitted by Anonymous 26/11/2014 03:46
Corned Beef? I expected the corned beef to be softer but instead it was kind of rubbery and reasonably tough. I can understand it has to be of a certain texture so it doesn't melt into the rest of the meal but for me it's just bearable, otherwise the taste was reasonable and being on a very tight budget I can't really moan about it too much. It's edible and value for the price I guess. Submitted by Anonymous 13/11/2014 04:52
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