Not Happy I order 10 bags at a time as we love them and use these in various ways for different meals. However the last 2 bags we`ve had from my last order the coating has changed and you have completely ruined a tasty chicken strip. Very unhappy as we have been using them over over 2 years. Submitted by Theresa 26/03/2016 03:43
Great taste As per my review for the bigger bag these are great tasting and very versatile. Could do with a couple more in the bag, just to make it a little sweeter deal. Submitted by Richard 01/03/2016 12:13
Expensive I opened these on Christmas morning expecting there to be a lot more inside of the packet. I was greeted with 8 so just over 18p each. If you are having other stuff then it is not too bad, but if you were having this as a snack alone, then it would not last for long. Submitted by Mark 25/12/2014 08:55
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