Veggie daughters favourite! My Daughter loves these! I also use them as ‘meatballs’ when I make her spaghetti & meatballs - definitely her favourite veggie staple. Submitted by Busy mum 26/01/2019 05:57
Everyone liked these Instructions suggested grilling, or oven-baking, but I experimented with frying in a small amount of vegetable oil, and we all enjoyed them. Submitted by Kate 18/12/2018 02:23
Excellent Grand daughter loves these Submitted by carol penrose 17/12/2018 11:40
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE I eat these sausages at least once a week and absolutely love them whether I make them into a toad in the hole, eat with baked beans and chips, or in a sandwich with coleslaw. They don't pretend to be a proper meaty sausage. They're just tasty and versatile Submitted by Liz 16/12/2018 09:29
Yuck a doodle do Don't listen to the serial, trendy, veggie vegans. These are diabolical, cardboardy with some kind of awful aftertaste. Avoid at all costs. Submitted by Paul 12/11/2018 07:29
Vegetarian Sausages Great taste and texture. I’m glad the price has been reduced too. Submitted by Karen 10/10/2018 01:02
Ignore the newbie comments LMC sausages have been here for years, and for good reason. Ignore the newbie vegetarians or millennial vegans' comments here. Submitted by Yasemin 03/10/2018 10:27
Not for me Left a weird taste in my mouth. I thought vegetable alternatives to meat products are supposed to taste similar, even if it's just a slight similarity so that you don't ever want to go back to meat? Fail. Sorry. Submitted by Michael W 03/09/2018 04:37
No Thanks With a meat sausage I could eat with or without sauce. Since going meat free (I'm happy with veg) I thought I would try these. They taste awful. I needed to hide the flavour with sauce or beans etc. Horrible I really don't need food to look like meat. Wont buy again. I will have a nice mushroom omelette or poached eggs for breakfast from here on Submitted by Geo 23/03/2018 12:58
Great quality! Will admit they can be a tad bland, but with a little sauce these are wonderful! Texture is great and they go well with a lot of things! Highly recommend! Submitted by Kerry 23/03/2017 10:22
☺☺☺ They taste soooooo good Submitted by caroline 01/02/2017 09:31
Good flavour I only buy Vegetarian sausages & burgers as I'm funny about gristle. These tasted amazing! Submitted by B 07/01/2017 01:23
Approved by the Fussiest veggie in the world My 13 year old daughter is a vegetarian and she only recently decided that she would try veggie sausages as she felt that eating fake meat was somehow cheating. I have tried her with Quorn and tofu and she doesn't like either. I have tried all kinds of veggie burgers and ready meals and she hasn't liked anything. Her diet mainly consisted of pasta bake, garlic bread and tomato soup. She tried these sausages yesterday in a sandwich and she loved them. She said they tasted like proper sausages. It opens up a whole new range of meal options. A really good price too, I will be stocking up on these! Submitted by Cheryl, gateshead 31/10/2016 07:37
Lovely and even dog was fooled! These are yum the rusk content probably means they taste more like sausage than a sausage! They easily pass for a low fat meat version. I showed my dog one and she hates Quorn knows it is fake, but she almost bit my hand off to get a little piece of this. I put them in the oven on greaseproof paper up high for about 15 mins in my fan oven and they come out perfect with fat or grease. Linda McCartneys brand is a legend her meat subs actually look like meat and taste awesome. The sausages are favourite of mine. I choose to eat vegetarian foods as I don't eat any processed meat such as sausage cos of the rubbish and salt etc in it, lungs, brains, sinews yuk. These are a much better choice. Submitted by Myself 10/10/2016 01:12
linda mccartney sausages when cooked have a slightly dry texture on outside but one gravy, baked beans etc are added then this balances it out, the 'sausages' do not have skins and they are textured and look similar to butchers sausages, great with fried onions in a roll and ketchup, fried, or baked in toad in hole, no nasty bits either, well worth trying them. Submitted by sue p 30/01/2014 09:19