Not Bad Good sausages, considering the extremely cheap price Submitted by Anonymous 02/04/2015 05:23
Nice Tried these, thought they were nice for the price. Submitted by hayley 15/02/2015 03:57
Might as well eat lard I made the mistake of trying to use these in a slow cook sausage casserole. End result was a thick layer of solid fat across the top - went in the bin. No problems using better quality sausages! No one deserves such disgusting sausages, don't buy them! Submitted by Hannah 14/11/2014 04:51
DISGUSTING Vile bought these even my kids wouldn't eat them loads of fat in these don't cook well read the ingredients no wonder they taste vile straight in the bin, you get what you pay for Submitted by aby 15/10/2014 12:51
Grizzle sausages These are horrible. The texture just isn't right and they don't cook very well. Half the time the meat explodes out of the skin. I was feeling very nauseas eating them so I took a closer look at the meat inside and it looks like a mixture of pig fat and grizzle. Won't be buying these again. Submitted by Melanie Hoyle 04/08/2014 02:03