Some of the best I've tried I'm a bit of a pork scratching addict and have tried many different brands. These little beauties are up with the best, a good crunch but not too hard and not clogged down with rusk clumps. Lovely flavour and recommended. Submitted by Ian 27/06/2017 07:19
Soooo tasty! As another reviewer said - these are the proper job! Have not tasted scratchings as good as these in at least 30 years! Very calorific etc, so best saved for a treat, but what a treat!! Submitted by Madge 17/04/2017 06:33
Salty and fatty but very tasty These are proper job pork scratchings. Crunchy, fatty but delicious. Submitted by Nickolondon 31/03/2017 08:01