Ambrosia - food of the gods Cold on a hot pudding, or hot on a cold pudding - whichever, this leads up to its' name. Best custard by far! Submitted by murf537 16/04/2017 09:38
The best custard by far. When you enjoy custard, then this is the only custard you will ever need. Submitted by Steve Timmins 28/11/2016 12:24
My favourite custard In my opinion this is the best tin custard. Lovely on a hot pudding. Submitted by Elaine 04/02/2014 02:09
Very tasty Very cheap and very tasty. Submitted by Anonymous 18/11/2013 06:08
Can't go wrong! Delicious and a bargain at 2 for £1. Submitted by Chey 27/10/2013 12:59