Nice I really like these... best cooked in fryer than in the oven. Submitted by Mark R 19/01/2019 09:32
Oh dear So disappointed with the this. The batter was thick and gooey and unpleasant. The fish was good but there was more batter than fish. Might have been edible if deep fried but not done in the oven although I followed directions. Submitted by Celia Simpson 29/12/2018 09:16
Even my cats love these Easily as good as come from the chippy down in town. In fact my 2 cats think they are better, as they sit there with pleading eyes when I am eating these, and gobble up any that I leave them. Submitted by Pam Davies 18/11/2018 06:07
Just like the chippy We have enjoyed these battered cod fillets several times. Really flavoursome, almost as good as fresh (not quite)! Submitted by Hornseynick 06/11/2018 09:05
Arctic Royal 2 Jumbo Battered Cod Fillets Well worth the money, easily the best frozen fish I've ever had. Batter is nice and crispy, so don't under cook. Submitted by kenneth william laskey 14/09/2018 08:25
Gorgeous fish Have been purchasing this fish for quite a while now and just love it! For reviewers who say the batter is too soggy, just make sure your oven is very well heated first. I found this out to my cost, now, batter is perfect, I also give it extra minute or two cooking time Submitted by joyce 28/08/2018 02:52
Ok Fish was ok not as big as what I would have expected for £5 Submitted by R F 14/07/2018 08:36
Ok Fish Horrible Batter I expected a lot more for the price being charged. The fish flesh was ok but the batter was soggy and quite unpleasant even after 30 plus minutes which doesn't do the fish itself a lot of good. Cooking instructions need revising as does the batter itself. Submitted by Tony 25/06/2018 12:26
Artic Royal Battered Cod Fillets I have to say these are the best battered cod fillets I have EVER bought, I deep fried for 6 mins in a friar, my only issue was , I had to remove the basket to fit the fish in because it was so large, it was absolutely delicious, better than any I have bought from a chip shop even... Magnifico! Submitted by Ray McCluskey 04/06/2018 04:56
Cod I preheat the oven with a tray and cook this fish for 30 - 40 mins turning once. This fish tastes perfect and is a good price! Submitted by ste hall,hove 02/05/2018 10:15
Lovely value YUMMY, really tasty and a very good size. Submitted by Jo Walsall 24/01/2018 01:08
Hit and miss Oh dear I bought these 2 weeks ago and the fish was white and chunky and the batter was lovely; better than the fish shop...but I purchased again this week and they were awful..soggy and grey fish and the batter was horrible.. Submitted by Mrs Wendy Hodges 12/07/2017 06:48
The best As a fisherman who's caught and cooked plenty of fresh cod, this comes close, no other better fish bought from a supermarket and is better than what you get from a chippy. People who have left bad reviews, I can only think that those people cant cook properly. Slow cook it for about 40 mins, turning it over and it comes out just fine. Submitted by Lorraine 08/07/2017 09:33
Fish heaven Cover it in foil, cook a little longer then turn half way and serve straight away. Submitted by happy eater 08/07/2017 03:08
Delicious These are better than any fish I've ever had from a chippy. Really good Submitted by Belle 27/06/2017 09:43
Vile The most horrid frozen fish I have ever tasted. Texture of rubber which I couldn't cut through and no flavour what so ever. This went straight in the bin and I certainly wouldn't recommend. Submitted by Shelley 13/06/2017 05:15
Artic cod Really lovely, just like from the chippy. I had this with steak cut chips and mushy peas. Submitted by val 13/06/2017 01:03
Cod Heaven The key to enjoying these cod fillets is the method of cooking. I place them at the bottom of the oven and slow cook them for an hour, turning them over on the half-hour. When cooked this way, I can honestly say these are the best cod fillets I have ever tasted. The batter is perfect and the fish is succulent and tasty. Expensive I know, but worth the price. I hope Iceland never stop selling them. Submitted by Chima Nwosu 09/06/2017 07:42
Greasy Too greasy, batter soggy, couldn't taste the fish. Submitted by Karen 08/06/2017 10:04
Delicious Amazing...... Submitted by Nadine 15/04/2017 10:32
Not worth the price The shape was awkward & took ages to cook. I don't think the price is justified. I prefer my usual branded product for price & taste. Submitted by ClaireH 30/03/2017 06:16
As good as the chip shop If I was served this fish in a chip shop I'd be happy as it tastes just as good, lovely fresh white cod in a lovely batter, for me 20 min cooking time in the oven was spot on(but I've got a fan oven which tends to cook food a lot quicker) Submitted by Bridge 25/02/2017 11:59
Arctic cod This fish is dellish if you cook it differently to what it states on the pack. 220 for 35 minutes, turn half way so it goes nice and crispy and tastes just like the chip shop. Submitted by Teresa 18/02/2017 05:22
Nothing like cod Bought 2 boxes of these due to the reviews..but have to say its the worst fish I've ever had..I don't know what chippy other reviewers go to but these are nothing like fish from the chippy...Yuk, horrible..Even the dogs have turned their nose up and walked away. Submitted by Lorraine 17/02/2017 05:02
Cooking instructions are wrong The pack tells you that 20 mins in oven to cook try 40. Not very happy and will not buy any of this brand products again. If its going to take 35 to 40 mins to oven cook put it on the pack and don't mislead customers. After 20 minutes the core temp was only 18 degrees C. NEVER AGAIN. Will stick to brand name fish in future. Submitted by Sotonscotty 16/01/2017 05:47
REALLY GOOD! The closest thing to chip shop fish that I bought from a supermarket, so far. Cheaper, too! Submitted by Jonathan 20/11/2016 10:14
Cheaper than the chippy As good as fish bought from your local chippy and a lot cheaper. I can't really fault this, a lovely big fish in a tasty batter, perfect. Although it says 20 mins at gas mark 7 I found that 30 - 35 mins is better in a non-fan assisted oven. Submitted by Scrarcher 12/10/2016 04:25
Lovely Really enjoyed this meal, plenty of it and well worth the money. Submitted by poppy 16/09/2016 02:55