Like rubber When I cooked these they were inedible. So much water had been injected it was unbelievable. They shrunk in size massively and became like pieces of hard plastic. Had to throw away 95%. Submitted by Cathy K 24/07/2018 10:06
Amazing These cod loins are so thick so juicy and tasty. Well worth cost. Submitted by Indie Cole 11/06/2018 10:06
Lovely thick flaky fish fish is worth paying the extra for..weight for weight with other like fish, these are flaky and full of flavour. My husband likes this fish too- and he is fussy..thinks most fish is chewy! I put mine in a dish, pop blobs of butter and parsley on and cover with foil..lovely! Submitted by Donna K 07/03/2018 08:09
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