Great prawns - but not 300g worth As previous reviews have mentioned, these are prawns of fabulous quality and texture, which maintain their size when cooked. However, I think it would be good if the bag mentioned that once out of the packaging, de-shelled and cooked, the weight reduces drastically. I cooked a whole bag and weighed the lot afterwards, to have been intrigued at it's final weight of 92g. Submitted by Terezinha 03/09/2018 03:00
Highly Recommended I added these to a Paella, they are fantastic value for money. They don't shrink when cooked and the texture and taste are fantastic. Submitted by Lizzy 03/07/2018 12:46
Gorgeous I used these prawns in two stir fries. Brilliant quality and wonderful taste. Submitted by alison 15/06/2018 08:02
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