Great These are beautiful scallops. Suggest you defrost properly (overnight in fridge) then blot away as much water as you can (otherwise they will stew if you fry them in butter). My favorite is to wrap them in smoked bacon, marinate in balsamic, olive oil & garlic, lemon juice + some zest etc. etc., leave in marinade and roast in a very very hot oven until sizzling. Well done Iceland. Submitted by baz 18/08/2017 11:28
Excellent restaurant quality Having worked 9 years in a high class fish restaurant, I haven't seen this quality since then. Really superb. Submitted by Jacqui 11/10/2016 07:10
Good value Bought these a couple of times, very good quality. I do agree with other review that it is difficult to get any colour on them as there is a lot of water comes out. I still think they are good quality, good size and very enjoyable Submitted by Jacqui 29/12/2015 11:45
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