STILL DISAPPOINTING! I posted a negative review of these about a year ago. Spurred on by the recent positive reviews I bought another pack. Nope, still tasteless & just like the prawns in a cheap takeaway. I bought a pack of identical looking prawns from the frozen food retailer next-door to Iceland....exactly the same. Both products are farmed in India so that appears to be the problem. The tastiest prawns seem to be farmed in Thailand & Vietnam. Maybe they have different techniques or varieties of prawn?Think I'll stick to the Argentinian Red Shrimp which are fab! Submitted by Jonathan 22/04/2017 08:17
Gorgeous prawns Lovely prawns - not all were de-veined unfortunately but Iceland rectified this when I wrote to them Submitted by Katrina 07/04/2017 01:10
Excellent prawns These prawns are excellent..& succulent ... these are covered in water .. you have to wash them off until they are gone .. quick tip those who want a quick tasty prawn - add a bit of oil in a pan, heat it up, add the prawns, chilli/paprika powder, salt and cover for 2-3 mins in medium heat. Once the water has evaporated, keep turning it until it is dry.. yummy... Submitted by chris s 03/12/2016 05:43
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