Not like any Seabass I've tasted We only tried one fillet and binned the rest. OK, it was seabass shaped but the texture and taste was more like an oily fish. We'll go back to our usual brand I think. The rest may have been OK but I'm not prepared to ruin another meal to find out. Submitted by Malc 26/07/2016 10:38
Expensive but worth it My favourite, so tasty .. Love it Submitted by Anonymous 27/06/2016 07:28
Excellent! These Sea Bass fillets are small but 2 per person is a good fill. So you get 8 fillets which is exceptional value and the taste is as good as fresh as you can get. I have found that the best cocking method is to defrost thoroughly, dry them and shallow fry on a high heat skin side down until you can only see the translucent flesh in the middle. Then turn, turn heat off 1 min max. Make sure skin is crispy before turning, really needs a nice high heat. Obviously season as your cooking. Fantastic product. Thanks Submitted by Pete 04/10/2015 05:27
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