Individually packed Cut these in half to reduce thickness, defrost, marinate in lemon juice and fresh crushed garlic for 2 hours and then griddle fry.... Gorgeous! Serve with flatbread/pitta bread and salad with feta cheese and it makes a tasty meal. They will never be as good as fresh on holidays but come a good second! Submitted by busyworkerloves quickcooking 21/09/2015 09:01
They`re just ok On holidays I always have swordfish and the difference with these is that they are just too chunky. They should be half the thickness and I agree with previous reviews on cooking time, I had to cook them longer than recommended in instructions. I think next time I will defrost first and then marinate them before cooking and see if there is an improvement in taste. Submitted by Anonymous 29/08/2015 08:10
Didn't like it at all... :( I have been eating swordfish for many years, this was really bad. Your salmon and tuna is absolutely amazing though Submitted by Kat 21/04/2015 05:22
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