Lovely and delicate Really enjoyed this fish. If you brush the salt off before removing the skin then no salty taste. Foodies will love it, but if you're a ready meal kind of person, it's not for you. Submitted by Claire 02/04/2018 10:07
Artic royal seabass An total salty disaster! Very difficult to fit in a standard freezer. Salt was almost impossible to break .. had to get a hammer. Salt absolutely everywhere .. when inside very small portion and salty flavour was awful. Sorry for such a review but this was really bad. Submitted by Dita 17/03/2018 09:24
The previous reviewer must be nuts! So disappointed that the sea bass isn’t available! It’s gorgeous. Restaurant quality and a fantastic price. My husband raved about it. Submitted by Jed 19/02/2018 05:31
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