Lovely and delicate Really enjoyed this fish. If you brush the salt off before removing the skin then no salty taste. Foodies will love it, but if you're a ready meal kind of person, it's not for you. Submitted by Claire 02/04/2018 10:07
Artic royal seabass An total salty disaster! Very difficult to fit in a standard freezer. Salt was almost impossible to break .. had to get a hammer. Salt absolutely everywhere .. when inside very small portion and salty flavour was awful. Sorry for such a review but this was really bad. Submitted by Dita 17/03/2018 09:24
The previous reviewer must be nuts! So disappointed that the sea bass isn’t available! It’s gorgeous. Restaurant quality and a fantastic price. My husband raved about it. Submitted by Jed 19/02/2018 05:31
Horrible If you like salt you will like this.. It was disgusting! Difficult to remove the salt and that was all we could taste! Waste of money.. If I could give it zero then I would!! Submitted by Mrs Sheila Rowe 25/10/2017 07:52
You will not get better in a restaurant This is the most amazing Seabass, the fish was perfectly cooked with such amazing flavours from the lemon and garlic. Yes it was a little bit messy to break the salt but you wont be disappointed. The texture and flavour is perfect and the skin and bones come out so easily. If you love Seabass you need to try this!! Submitted by Anonymous 22/10/2017 07:44
Excellent sea bass Excellent salt baked sea bass. You do have to be careful when removing the salt to brush away all the salt from the fish. Once you have done that and removed the skin, the fish is delicious and not salty. I am keeping the salt to put on the drive when the snow comes. Submitted by Joseph 21/10/2017 09:27
Tasty This is a great tasty fish and doesn't taste salty at all. The salty mold does leave a bit of a mess in the kitchen but breaking it is definitely fun. The only downside of it is the size of the box so it had to be cooked on the day. Submitted by Anonymous 10/10/2017 03:18
Too much salt. Salted SEABASS not worth the money, the fish tasted far too salty went in the bin. Submitted by sharon 09/10/2017 08:42
Salt everywhere Not worth the money, we bought two and they were both ruined by the salt that gets into the fillets. Impossible to remove the fish without it being ruined by the salt. Terrible, was just inedible. Submitted by Anonymous 06/10/2017 01:43
Delicious Having paid £25 for sea bass in the local market this was a complete bargain, full of taste easy to cook, fillet and a joy to eat BRAVO ICELAND ,, have reordered Submitted by Coral 28/09/2017 08:54
Different Experience I saw it advertised on the telly and thought I'd give it a try. It would have been a pain in the bass if I wanted to store it in my freezer - it's a large box, but I ate it on the day of purchase. Once I'd cracked the salt, peeled back the skin, the fish was very tasty! Submitted by Glyn Jones 28/09/2017 11:42
Really good! A bit tricky to get into at first but once you've cracked open the salt the fish inside is moist, well seasoned (not too salty) and delicious. Really enjoyed it and it makes such a great centerpiece. Well worth the money! Submitted by Victoria 27/09/2017 04:14
Extra Special Easy to cook in an oven using the step by step instructions, for that extra special meal for 2, a little fiddly when cooked but great flavour, looks impressive and great addition to Iceland's frozen luxury selection. Submitted by Jayne 27/09/2017 03:43
Tasted Delicious! Big lover of fish and this tasted amazing! Not too salty and was certainly restaurant quality, I would definitely recommend. It was a little awkward to break the salt but once its out it tastes superb! Little tip for the salt, don't tap it wack it! ;) Submitted by Reece 27/09/2017 03:34
Yummy Really tasty fish! Very premium product and definitely a showpiece. Would recommend Submitted by Catrin 27/09/2017 03:33
Fantastic!!!! Just like being on holiday! The salt steamed the fish and made it so moist. It tasted very fresh and not salty at all. A new favourite in our house. You have to use some force to break the salt, but it adds to the fun! Submitted by Lauren 27/09/2017 07:53
Not as good as it looks Huge packaging, can not get it into a normal fridge freezer, so eat on day purchased. Hard to get salt off, even with instruction, so messy, small fish, nothing like you have had on holiday, believe me. Wasted packing, LOADS of wasted salt, not really tasty at all. Great Idea, not well thought out. Submitted by Karen Wakefield 18/09/2017 09:51