Perfect!!!! So happy to have found this, they’re just perfect, quite large and an awesome price. Gutted because I was going to order more and just said: “Product no longer available"... :( Submitted by cp 04/04/2016 08:18
Fantastic Brilliant... larger than normal squid tubes perfect for stuffing and then sauté slowly in oven or on cooker top. Just search the internet for recipes. Go to any other supermarket and they have squid tubes for sale which have previously been frozen and are then sold 'fresh' but you have to use them same day... Not with these just defrost on day you need to use them. I put mine from freezer to fridge in the morning covered in cling film and they are ready to use when I get home from work... I like mine stuffed with chorizo, dried sourdough bread (from Iceland) shallot garlic and fresh parsley in a tomato passata and white wine sauce. These just don’t have to be cut into calamari and fried... Yawn so last year... Plus remember to have some cocktail sticks to seal both ends. ENJOY!! Submitted by busyworkerloves quickcooking 21/09/2015 08:52
BARGAIN! Squid has to be cooked long & slow or flashed in seconds. Anything in between & you've got shoe leather! I like to defrost these, cut in thick slices then casserole in a home made spicy tomato sauce, In the oven, on a medium heat for a couple of hours. Either that or defrost, cut into thin ring & stir-fry for a minute maximum with garlic, chilli, chopped parsley & a squeeze of lemon juice. Submitted by Jonathan 20/09/2015 05:01