Fit for Royalty Incredible quality with good size 18/20 count. Simply thaw as per instructions. Marinate in a mix of olive oil and coarsely chopped fresh garlic for a few hours ground black pepper corns. Add a pinch of sea salt to taste and fry on medium heat in wok for a few minutes till they turn pink. Absolutely gastronomic. Better than any restaurant and at a fraction of the cost. These are the best quality and very competitively priced. Well done yet again Iceland. Submitted by The Ex Chef 04/01/2017 04:00
The best These Prawns are great, excellent value for money. They taste fantastic. Submitted by Lee 24/12/2015 11:19
Five Star Lovely value for money! Submitted by Dawn 01/10/2015 09:37
Spikey Be careful these are Spikey critters! But tasty not tough! Beautiful in home made curry with aromatic rice. Done in Slow cooker. Submitted by Dawn 19/09/2015 01:22
Brilliant Very good prawns for this price! They are not in a block, a sharp bang on the counter and you can break them free - great for Paella Submitted by John 19/07/2015 10:17
Excellent for foodies Fabulous Submitted by Andrea Howarth 02/07/2015 02:08
Fantastic buy These prawns are amazing value and quality. My only change would be for them to be individually frozen as I do not always need to defrost all of them and currently they are all frozen in a block. Submitted by Tinam 11/06/2015 08:29
EXCELLENT!!!!!! Wow! These prawns are amazing. Did on BBQ with garlic and butter. 20 prawns in bag, excellent value for £8. Can't stress enough that you should won't be disappointed. Submitted by Pam Clark 19/05/2015 02:27
Worth it! Worth buying! Submitted by LadyMoet 28/03/2015 07:06
Perfection! Have had severall times now. Defrost overnight in the fridge. Drain water the next day, marinate in oil, garlic and chilli flakes, fry in dry hot pan until pink. Do try- and you get loads of prawns. Submitted by poppy 26/02/2015 04:29