Quite Sweet It's quite sweet but goes down easily! Submitted by Anonymous 20/11/2017 10:55
Good Surprisingly good Submitted by Wendy 20/11/2017 10:45
Light Very light and refreshing. Submitted by Anonymous 20/11/2017 10:44
Pleasant Very sweet, pleasant smell. tastes alright Submitted by PR 20/11/2017 10:41
Soft Light, subtle flavour Submitted by Anonymous 20/11/2017 10:30
Good flavour This has a good flavour with an ok fragrance. Submitted by Steve M 20/11/2017 10:28
Nice Light, crispy and refreshing on the palette. Submitted by JodieE 20/11/2017 10:18
Sauvignon Blanc Sweet taste. Submitted by KS 20/11/2017 10:17
Nice Nice after taste. Submitted by Beth 20/11/2017 10:16
Drinkable Light and drinkable. Submitted by Tori 20/11/2017 10:16
Sauv Blanc Very nice. Submitted by Anon 20/11/2017 10:15
Not a fan of wine but... I could happily drink this, really quite pleasant! Submitted by Pete 17/11/2017 02:17
Surprisingly good Sweet with a floral note. Submitted by Steve 17/11/2017 02:12