Better than homemade! We love aunt bessies- hot or cold.Plenty for 4 people, Mark must have been hungry to eat the lot in one go!---well it is tasty. Submitted by Chris parker 16/07/2018 07:22
Awful It's like apple sauce in a pie, tasteless and pastry was awful as well. Submitted by Dotty 20/07/2017 09:33
Awesome! With custard ice cream thanks Auntie! It is great! The crunchie borders alone perfect....The custard ice cream from Auntie Bessie`s is amazing. Perfect when its hot..... the taste comes after the crunchie cookie border...and at the end you taste the apple! Wonderful. Submitted by Iza and Peter Gallagher 22/04/2017 01:04
Delicious This pie is the best one I've tasted, it's nice with ice cream, custard or cream Submitted by Debs63 19/01/2017 03:43
Lush Not sure why they call this a family size for I am a single bloke and eat it out of the oven within 15 minutes. I just wish that I had some custard to have gone with this, but mmmmm was it tasty. Submitted by Mark 18/03/2014 11:15
Aunt Bessie's Apple Pie Lovely hot or cold Submitted by C. Reardon 01/12/2013 03:57