Delicious! The pastry is very crispy and the brownie is so tasty. It’s not your typical chocolate fudge brownie, it’s quite bland but it’s lovely with ice cream. Will be buying more to keep in the freezer. Submitted by Mommytotwo 06/06/2018 08:28
Beautiful Once cooked correctly it’s lovely, only don’t over cook for it to get to dry. I always accompany it with spray cream, yum! Submitted by Mimi-jade 15/12/2017 10:37
Love it! My family absolutely loves these! So handy to have in freezer. Submitted by Tara Duncan 06/02/2017 09:51
Not overly sweet and sickly but has a very slightly synthetic after taste Thought I would give this ago, put into oven from frozen, takes 30 minutes, does rise a bit but nice and soft. My child enjoyed it despite not being a cake eater, does taste pleasant but after taste slightly synthetic. Will buy again Submitted by Angea 23/12/2016 05:01
Strange aftertaste! This did not smell of, nor taste of, chocolate but tasted synthetic. Horrible aftertaste. I had to throw it in the bin! Submitted by Leeds lass 13/11/2016 02:41
Awful Have to say I'm disappointed in aunt Bessie's. The base of the pie was very pasty as if it hadn't been cooked properly. Not enjoyable at all. Such a shame. Submitted by Deb 10/11/2016 11:27
Scrum! I'm quite fussy with shop brought deserts as I find they tend to be too sickly sweet. This pie is perfect! It has the right balance of being not too sweet and the chocolate is just right. Myself and the kids agree this is one of the best deserts we've tasted. Soo good I've stocked up on 4 pies with the special offer. Submitted by Nicola 18/10/2016 11:05
Yuk! If you love your desserts then stay away from this! Bland, flavourless, not sweet at all. I'm a huge dessert fan, and love Aunt Bessie's savoury stuff so hoped this would be yummy, but it was such a big disappointment. Submitted by Mrs W 13/10/2016 09:19
Deliciously yummy This is a true comfort food. A chocolate yumminess, melt in the middle lovely from the oven. Even the thin layer of chocolate pastry is delicious. I didn't notice the offer of two for two pounds. No point me baking at that price. Submitted by Susie 11/09/2016 06:49