Disgusting! As said by someone else this used to be a really tasty meal instead of a take away but it's not the same anymore. I shall be making my own from now on. Submitted by Anonymous 01/02/2019 02:57
Gone down hill. When this first come out in Iceland it was absolutely gorgeous, But as usual things change with products and this has gone down hill, It used to taste like doner meat from the kebab shop, We used to buy at least 4 bags a week as it was cheaper than buying a doner from our local kebab shop, The doner meat now tastes very cheap and nasty, Like bad fake doner meat, We have now reverted back to the local kebab shop again, Bring back the old recipe that was nice, As we will buy it again. Submitted by Not Happy. 10/01/2019 10:01
Donner This is one of the best Doner meats I have tasted and is well worth the money. I buy 2 bags every time I shop. Thick and plenty of flavour. Submitted by Viv 16/11/2018 04:33
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