Used to be good. Babek doner kebab meat used to be really great, I used to buy it all the time. However then it change and not for the better, I always wonder why products in Iceland always start out good, Then end up turning bad, Plus it used to be 800g bags, Now it's 600g, So your paying more for a product that isn't nice to eat, Bring back the old babek doner kebab meat. Submitted by Stu 10/08/2018 11:20
It's okay After cooking the meat in the oven we all thought it was edible but nothing special. Everyone found it nicer when I put it in the wok with onions and a few cherry tomatoes, pinch of salt and pepper. Submitted by chinya 28/07/2018 11:24
Deliciously tasty Very yummy, and filling snack... You get big pieces and the meat has a lot of flavour. Way better than any take away kebab. Submitted by Christina 09/06/2018 04:51
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