Gone down hill. When this first come out in Iceland it was absolutely gorgeous, But as usual things change with products and this has gone down hill, It used to taste like doner meat from the kebab shop, We used to buy at least 4 bags a week as it was cheaper than buying a doner from our local kebab shop, The doner meat now tastes very cheap and nasty, Like bad fake doner meat, We have now reverted back to the local kebab shop again, Bring back the old recipe that was nice, As we will buy it again. Submitted by Not Happy. 10/01/2019 10:01
Donner This is one of the best Doner meats I have tasted and is well worth the money. I buy 2 bags every time I shop. Thick and plenty of flavour. Submitted by Viv 16/11/2018 04:33
DISGUSTING!! It's rubbery and bland, no taste at all! I wouldn't even feed it to my dog-if i had one Submitted by Lucy 23/10/2018 05:47
Disgusting! I can't really describe how vile this Doner meat is. It's greasy with a horrible aftertaste. In fact I had to throw what was left away. Very disappointing. Submitted by JR 17/10/2018 11:00
Awful Smells and tastes like dog meat. Submitted by Anonymous 08/10/2018 12:55
Great For the price its great value. Good in wrap with raw onion and salad. Submitted by jimbo 05/10/2018 11:48
Awful This is absolutely awful, it wasn’t edible. The smell from it was terrible. It lingered for days. I wish I would’ve read the reviews first. I wouldn’t even feed it to my dog. Submitted by Leanne 27/09/2018 05:31
Unimpressed I thought this would taste like the doner meat from fish & chips shop but it didn’t at all. The taste is like frozen spicy sheesh kebab. Will not be repurchased. Submitted by K 16/09/2018 02:34
Nice in wraps Just had this in a wrap with some veg, really nice. Fried on low heat in a little olive oil. I then mixed yogurt and mint sauce into the veg (adds sweetness), then topped the meat with chilli and garlic sauce (adds spice). Was a lot better than the kebab shops in my area. Submitted by Norma 03/09/2018 06:25
Delicious in a pitta with Greek yogurt and iceberg lettuce We love this and it cooks in just 2.5 minutes in the microwave. Fantastic with a bit of yogurt and salad. You don't need heaps of it like they serve it in a kebab shop. Use it to make a lower calorie alternative Submitted by Frannie 01/09/2018 01:43
Nothing like doner meat from kebab shop As with some other previous reviews, doesn’t taste or even looks like doner meat, don’t be fooled by the picture on the packet Submitted by Ang 01/09/2018 12:44
Please don't buy it This is anything but meat :( Submitted by Zaina 26/08/2018 07:39
Used to be good. Babek doner kebab meat used to be really great, I used to buy it all the time. However then it change and not for the better, I always wonder why products in Iceland always start out good, Then end up turning bad, Plus it used to be 800g bags, Now it's 600g, So your paying more for a product that isn't nice to eat, Bring back the old babek doner kebab meat. Submitted by Stu 10/08/2018 11:20
It's okay After cooking the meat in the oven we all thought it was edible but nothing special. Everyone found it nicer when I put it in the wok with onions and a few cherry tomatoes, pinch of salt and pepper. Submitted by chinya 28/07/2018 11:24
Deliciously tasty Very yummy, and filling snack... You get big pieces and the meat has a lot of flavour. Way better than any take away kebab. Submitted by Christina 09/06/2018 04:51
Lovley Very good. Submitted by Anonymous 06/06/2018 06:32
I love most Iceland's products but not this! Terrible in all ways. Bad texture, bad flavour. Such a shame as Iceland's really have moved on but not with this product. Do not buy. Submitted by Andrew 23/04/2018 10:59
Tasty Snack I find this very tasty, it smells like lamb and tastes like lamb and as good as my local takeaway but I guess you can't please eveyone Submitted by Maureen Graham 14/04/2018 01:56
Why why why Why would anyone buy this meat I would rather have a bowl of dog food then ever have to put this in my mouth. YUK YUK YUK. Submitted by Scotty 10/04/2018 11:17
Lovely Better than the take away you sometimes get full of bones, this is REAL meat. Submitted by Gareth Jones 06/04/2018 02:51
Kebab shop Doner meat is lamb Mechanically Separated Chicken (60%), Beef (20%), Lamb (5%)--YUMMY YUMMY-- -- I will never buy this rubbish foul tasting product again. Please for the people saying this is like your local kebab shop doner meat please check the food standards ratings of the places you are buying them from. No Kebab shop doner meat i have ever purchased tasted like this. Submitted by Lyndsey 21/03/2018 05:52
Grim! Tried this as a change from my local Kebab Shop. I wish I hadn't. Rubbery, odd tasting thick strips of greasy leather. Its back to the proper Donner Kebabs for me. Avoid :( Submitted by Minster Lad 20/03/2018 02:06
Improved recipe tastes great 10 minutes in the oven and it was as good as my local kebab shop! Submitted by Annyglos 06/03/2018 01:10
Tastes disgusting Does not resemble lamb at all. Submitted by Susie 25/02/2018 10:42
Nice This is the first time I've bought this Kebab Meat & I have to say it was lovely. The Bag contained enough I'd say for 3 portions & the strips were long & thinly cut, I cooked them in the oven & they came out lovely & crispy, had with Pitta, salad & Chilli sauce & tasted just as good as a takeaway Kebab. Submitted by Bridget 16/02/2018 12:58
Not bad Really tasty (and healthier) when done in an air fryer - not sure I'd like it microwaved as it's pretty fatty. Submitted by Gaz 12/02/2018 03:53
Good value My son loves this kebab meat. Good value for money. Submitted by JO 19/11/2017 09:19
What is this? This smells like a dog after a swim in the river. It is absolutely vile, I would love to see it made because there is something seriously wrong with this. Before throwing the whole bag in the bin I gave my beagle a tiny bit (who eats anything) even she turned her nose up. Do NOT buy. Hideous Submitted by Anonymous 12/11/2017 10:30
Awful taste and really bad smell Awful tasting kebab meat, would not even feed it to my dog. Definitely avoiding since they changed it! Submitted by Scott 29/10/2017 06:27
Very nice Into the oven for 20 mins, add the Pitta breads for the last few minutes in the oven. Cut into strips, pop into the Pitta breads and top with cabbage and red onion, top with mayo with added garlic/chilli etc. Submitted by Anon 20/10/2017 07:15
Great taste Massive improvement on what it used to be! I love this meat! Submitted by Alex 28/09/2017 05:17
This is donor meat not doner meat I have purchased this in the past and is was OK. This time round it contains Mechanically Separated Chicken (60%), Beef (20%), Lamb (5%), Beef Fat. As far as I am aware kebab shop doner is lamb this only has 5%. It is greasy and tasted disgusting. It left a greasy residue in our mouths after we tasted it. I purchased two packets so we could have a home made kebab for a movie night 95% of this went in the bin. Not one out the six people who tried this liked the taste or aftertaste. Will never buy again!. Submitted by colin 11/08/2017 06:54
Good I wouldn't bother wasting your money on takeaways, just buy this and some Iceland pitta bread, with maybe some spicy chilli sauce and it's done! Brilliant and quality someone put "dog meat" here - obviously not a person who eats regular kebabs lol Submitted by Gareth 25/07/2017 01:29
Dog meat! Absolutely vile don`t waste your money! Submitted by Lyndsey 12/07/2017 08:17
Your very own takeaway Love this product. Tastes nearly as good as a shop bought takeaway. Excellent used in a salad. Submitted by Sampson 09/06/2017 02:18
Very nice Yummy doner kebab meat. I cooked it in the oven for 10 minutes and it was very yummy. I had it with pitta bread. Submitted by Joe 18/05/2017 02:18
TASTY I enjoy this with pitta bread, salad and chili sauce. Just like going to the kebab shop only cheaper. Submitted by AT 11/05/2017 11:46
Filling Easy to cook and great in salad sandwiches or part of a main meal. Not sure what the previous recipe was but, will order again. Submitted by Cookie Monster 04/05/2017 01:00
Yummy Very tasty kebab meat. I fried it on the pan and used it for tortillas and lettuce. It was delicious Submitted by JB 20/04/2017 02:28
Well I use to really like these a few months ago...I normally buy 2-3 bags at a time to have it with my sweet & crunchy salad... sadly the taste/quality has definitely changed... the last set I bought ended up in the bin... they tasted funny not like it was before... it doesn't taste meat like... which is a bit off putting.... please fix this.. Submitted by Ok if I must 19/04/2017 05:23
Changed and Not for the Better Not only has the bag size dropped. The quality has also dropped, poor flavour and Texture. I will be dropping from my favourites list. Poor Submitted by KernowKelt 04/04/2017 07:37
Changed slightly Still tasty, back to being big thick slices, more like leather soles if a shoe. Still cheaper than a kebab house. Less in a pack than previously. Submitted by Wtin 04/04/2017 11:29
Great product Great tasting product, can't go wrong for this price, will stock up for sure especially on this offer. Thanks Iceland. Definitely recommended!! Submitted by Happy 30/03/2017 04:52
Totally disgusting When i first purchased this when it was 800 gram bags, It was so nice, Even better than the kebab shop, But as usual Iceland change something that was so nice, And now it's totally disgusting, I will not buy this again. Submitted by Mr Not Happy 27/03/2017 12:35
Kebabilicious Very nice. Much better than the kebab shop. Submitted by yvonne 15/03/2017 09:27
Taste & texture change The flavour of the meat has changed and the texture seems to be very crumbly and falls apart. What's happened to the product? Was 5 stars, now 2 stars at best. Very disappointed! Submitted by glennamy 19/02/2017 05:17
Best Ever I love this and eat it all the time. Submitted by Mat Deeny 13/02/2017 08:33
Ednaf My family used to eat this with pleasure (when the pack was 800g and was made with lamb), but the product has changed for the worse - dubious taste, horrible smell, too greasy, too thick, too wide. Will never buy this again. This is too bad, because we would have paid more for the initial product, if the price was what Iceland tried to 'fix'. Submitted by Anonymous 01/12/2016 10:29
Yes! Confirmed its back Back and better than before. Not as greasy but same great flavour and texture of a takeaway. Submitted by :) 10/11/2016 07:27
Yummy Fry with BBQ sauce, its delicious. Submitted by Big Ounce 27/10/2016 04:22
Very nice I've read some reviews below - but I can only assume they've had a rogue batch. First time I've tried this and I like it - thin long strips of meat, looks, smells like Doner - and is a lot tastier too. I`d say cook it in the oven versus the micro. Bought another bag today. My local kebab shop is overrated anyway - aren't they all? Submitted by Mark Horobin 17/10/2016 03:48
Great product! Great tasting product, bought after seeing several good reviews on here. Certainly lived up to expectations! Will definitely be buying again. Submitted by Holly 30/08/2016 10:29
Definitely Changed As usual something that was nice in Iceland is now horrible, It's all about profit when it comes to Mr Iceland. And this is coming from the lowest bidder, I wouldn't even give this to my dog now, I will be going back down the kebab shop on Friday nights again. Submitted by NOT HAPPY 23/08/2016 11:51
Doner? The last version of this was ok, but this is not good. Doner kebab meat by convention is Lamb, Kebab meat could be anything.. This is not Lamb and so shouldn't be called "Doner" You won't see me write this often, but I would pay a lot more for a product made from only Lamb. I will never buy this again. Submitted by Lawrence 10/08/2016 09:55
Strange shape Looks like doggie chews! I thought my husband was playing a trick on me! Not great taste either and you could sole your shoes with it because it is so thick and it is dry as sticks too. Nothing like the picture on the bag and as I said the meat is shaped liked doggie chews. Submitted by Jo 28/07/2016 11:44
Avoid The flavour is OK, it's just the hideously thick slices I couldn't stand. Doner meat should be thin slices, these are so thick, it's like munching through inner soles. Submitted by Danie 21/07/2016 05:28
It's changed! Last purchased on 21/6/16. Product has changed. Poor substitute for an item that had taste and great texture, previously cut from a full doner now pre-formed from a machine. All the same thickness and shape, shame it was good, now I would not buy it. 0/10 Submitted by big mack 22/06/2016 10:47
Fantastic! It is delicious This kebab meat is delicious, it tastes great! Just put it in the oven for 10 minutes and enjoy. I loved it. I will be buying more. I highly recommend this product Submitted by Joe Redson 08/06/2016 08:41
Very Tasty Loved this meat, tender, tasty wasn't greasy. This now has been added to my favourites Submitted by Dawn Lock 07/06/2016 05:26
Best I’ve tasted Bought this after reading the reviews, got to say this is by far the best donner meat outside of a kebab shop I’ve tasted. Beautifully cooked and tasty, well worth the buy and I’ve just stocked up again with another 6 bags, at this price you can’t go wrong Submitted by Paul Scotter 23/05/2016 02:46
Awesome! I got this kebab meat because of the good reviews your customers have given. Well I wasn't disappointed, it is lovely, we had home-kebabs take-away style for dinner tonight and they were enjoyed by all. Will definitely be buying this meat again! Well done Iceland! Submitted by Mrs C Baker 06/03/2016 09:29
Great Saturday night treat Bought this instead of my normal takeaway just to try and I'm presently surprised just how delicious it is, give it a try!! Submitted by Donna clarke 27/02/2016 08:21
Yum Super greasy but oh-so tasty. Make sure you soak the grease up with kitchen roll unless you fancy a heart attack. Submitted by Emma 30/12/2015 05:32
MSG? Although the meat has a good taste, i have since found out it has MSG (E621) as an ingredient which has prevented me from further purchasing. Submitted by Leyla 19/11/2015 10:40
Take away at home Loved it. Not quite as good as the local but easily brilliant. Was very skeptical, but I did it in the oven and it was great. Submitted by premierwrench 08/11/2015 05:36
Great buy Great to have in freezer for quick snack really tasty too Submitted by Janet 31/08/2015 03:59
Just what I need after a few beers! Better than a lot of kebab shops, and a darn site cheaper ! Submitted by Bernard Mitchell 30/08/2015 01:39
Its edible Fatty and absolutely stinks when cooked in the microwave but is edible but only just. Cooked in the oven it is far better and allot tastier. Sliced a bit thick for my liking but it’s about the best doner you can buy in a bag. Submitted by Dave 19/08/2015 01:30
Nice and thick Very thick and quite tasty almost as good as a kebab shop Submitted by ryan robinson 19/08/2015 12:26
Gorgeous Excellent value for money, there is a lot of meat in the packet, extremely tasty and very much like from the kebab shop. Highly recommend! Submitted by Helen 15/08/2015 06:10
The Overwhelming Majority Of Us Can't Be Wrong!!! I regularly buy this kebab meat and have yet to find any faults with it. It certainly does the job every time and a lot lot cheaper than buying a kebab from your local takeaway. I always cook the whole amount of kebab meat in the oven for 20 minutes(turning halfway through) and it turns out great! A fabulous product and a bargain at that price! Well done Iceland! Submitted by Gavin 17/07/2015 06:38
Fantastic Only reason I gave this meat 4 stars is because I have to get up and make it. Lovely and easy to make, very nice taste and easy to make. Save yourself a fortune and buy this. Submitted by Lea 17/07/2015 06:15
Donner Kebab Meat I bought this after reading such positive reviews. I baked the meat in the oven and served it with pitta bread and salad. The meat was thick cut and had a peppery taste. It was filling and thoroughly enjoyed by all. I would buy this product again. Submitted by MB 12/07/2015 09:40
Not For Me Decided to try this after reading the positive reviews, unfortunately don't always believe what you read. This meat was such a disappointment, the fat content is terrible, whilst the flavour is unusual and its sliced very thickly, definitely not for me. Submitted by Bossbrody 27/06/2015 11:17
Hungry! This product is late night snacking at its best. Or lunch. It's for those times when you want meat and want it quick, even quicker than take away. All members of our family love it. Submitted by Redzz 04/06/2015 12:03
2015's big revelation Pulling what looked like frozen leather soles out of the bag gave me an overwhelming sense of trepidation. I literally could not have been more wrong. My Babek Kebab was by far the best thing I have ever eaten. Simply dreamy. Submitted by Sous Chef 14/05/2015 09:08
"Bab"ylon I'd heard a lot of good things about the Iceland Babek Kebab meat so thought I'd give it a try. For an authentic trial I went out with the lads and smashed ten pints, then came home to start preparing a feast of delicious authentic Turkish 'babs. Pitta, shredded lettuce, onion, garlic mayo and a whole naga chilli, boom. The experience was complete especially when I woke up to find half of my tasty post night out treat down the front of my shirt. Good job Iceland! Submitted by Turkish Dave 14/05/2015 05:05
Lads night in. Loads of my mates came around as we had all just been paid. We were about to order in a kebabs at £7 each! Suddenly we all turned around and decided to make our own. Good choice. That's why Dads go to Iceland. Submitted by Head chef 12/05/2015 01:16
Impressed! Initially bought this as a quick snack meal for my older son but decided to try it out for myself. I expected it to be unappetising & greasy...how wrong was I. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm quite fussy! Submitted by Louise 09/04/2015 09:10
Tasty Very nice kebab, just wish it was on offer. Submitted by F 02/04/2015 02:34
Better Kebab Meat I feel slightly responsible for this move in the right direction as I emailed Iceland when this was trialled in my local store. I thought they would take no notice, but they did. The horrible Snacksters stuff has gone and has been replaced by this product. Much nicer. Handy microwavable snack when time is short. Submitted by Richard 23/03/2015 11:45
Definitely not average. This is definitely not average like that guy said twice. This is fantastic. Tastes really nice and is much cheaper than the kebab shop. So Mr Average is totally wrong, I made 4 decent sized kebabs with salad and chilli sauce. So with the babek kebab meat, salad and pitta breads it cost me £4 and thats £1 a kebab. So Mr average is way off. As a small doner kebab where i live is £4.50, that's a great saving for me. So well done Iceland and please dont change your supplier like you usually do. As quoted by Stu. Submitted by Andrea 15/03/2015 10:08
Certainly NOT Average After reading the review described as 'average' I was a little put off, but decided I would give it a go. I decided to make a cross between a burritto & a doner kebab, added a little salad, some sunshine rice & sauces. I have to say it easily served four very hungry teenage boys (16) with big appetites. For £2 you can't complain and in no way would it cost the same as four kebabs to add the salad and sauces. A REAL Bargain. If you have a huge apetite serve it with some fries. This has now become a regular post footie training treat. Give it a whirl. A Definite 5 STARS. Submitted by Nicola 13/03/2015 11:21
Average I used to deliver kebabs so I have eat a lot of them in my time. I have seen the other reviews and strongly disagree with the closest to kebabs as it is not true. It is a passable attempt of a kebab but if you want veg and sauce etc then it will cost you the same price as ordering a kebab. I am not a big eater but it says serves 4, I had 2 and a half portions so for two people with salad it is ideal it is not suitable for four people though unless you have had a gastric band put in place. Submitted by Mark 10/03/2015 06:01
Average I have worked in a lot of take always so I have eaten a lot of kebabs in my time. I have to write an honest review and say that it is OK but not cheap either. I say it is not cheap although it is only £2 but when you want a proper kebab then you need salad and pitta bread so in the end if you are just one person that all adds up to the price of a kebab. A bag of this meat lasted me for 2 and a 1/2 portions, it really isn't too bad but it is just not the real deal and not worth a five star like some reviewers have given it. Submitted by Mark (previous kebab delivery driver) 10/03/2015 03:55
Pretty good This is the best non-takeaway kebab meat i have ever found, and you get loads of meat for your money. I reckon each bag gives you £14 savings on the cost of takeaway kebab prices around here. Submitted by steve.hughes.2007@hotmail.co.uk 07/03/2015 04:12
Lifetime wait over! Wow! Since I discovered Doner Kebabs nearly 30 years ago I've searched for a way to have them at home. I tried online recipes for Doner meat (disaster), used Dalepak Lamb Grills sliced, then when Iceland started selling Snackster's Kebab meat I was close, but still not close enough. Now they're selling Babek's product (I didn't even realise it was different because of the similar orange packaging) my 30 year wait is over. Here is a product as good as a takeaway kebab! Please, please don't stop selling it Iceland because as long as you do I'm never buying another takeaway kebab again (and saving myself a small fortune)! Iceland rocks! :-) Submitted by Stiffjimmyb 20/02/2015 03:47
Excellent kebab meat At last the holy grail of kebab meat has been found. Forget the old Snackster's stuff, this is the real deal! Full of flavour and slightly spicy, I hope this never goes out of stock! Submitted by Colourtronic 09/02/2015 02:11
Pretty damn good. It's still nothing like real doner kebab meat. But it's pretty damn close and really tasty, I had it in a pita bread with salad and chilli sauce. On a plus side it's much cheaper than the kebab shop and i haven't got to go out and get one, plus this doner meat is 100 times better than that Snackster's doner meat. So this will be my Friday night treat from now on. Just hope Iceland don't change the supplier like they usually do. Submitted by Stu 09/02/2015 01:49
My Guilty Pleasure Was wary about trying this since the snacksters one Iceland used to stock was vile. This however is delicious and tastes as good as a takeaway. Submitted by Anonymous 02/02/2015 02:39
Doner kebab meat. Hands down the best I could find in any store. Heats up in a few minutes and is probably better than some kebab shops to be honest. Submitted by Paul. 31/01/2015 03:56
Fab Great tasting and ready to eat in a couple of mins! Submitted by lisa 24/01/2015 12:54