Why unavailable so soon? Very tasty.Great for sandwiches or as toast, so why have Iceland, in their infinite wisdom, discontinued it? It had only been available a few weeks and already unavailable as are all their other breads in this category. Do they have the same delivery company as KFC!!! Submitted by Gloria Smith 21/02/2018 09:08
Perfect This bread is much more than I expected. Thick and nice flavor. Good for toast and sandwiches, Iceland should sell in the store as I couldn't find it. Submitted by mrs park 06/02/2018 02:46
Lovely My son is really fussy over bread and my grandson is. He won't eat crusts on bread normally but he eats the whole piece when I give him some. It has a lovely tatse to it and makes nice toast too Submitted by Caz 15/01/2018 12:55