Cheese? These are quite simply horrendous. Cheese? That yellow gloop has not been within a 10 miles radius of a piece of cheese. They are quite simply disgusting. Do yourself a favour an avoid. Submitted by DavidB 06/08/2017 01:23
Quirky Idea Quite a quirky idea! My friends at my BBQ liked them, a good hot dog with a mild mustard tangy. Like most frozen things, they look loads better once they'd been cooked! Gluten Free too! Submitted by CoffeeMom 30/06/2017 02:06
Cheesy dog potato skins. These looked and tasted awful. Opened the pack and found potatoes filled with a bright yellow filling with a tiny hot dog in it. Cooked as stated on the packet and tried one. The only good thing about it was the hot dog, I've no idea what the filling was as I found it tasteless. Never again! Submitted by Jinty 01/06/2017 01:04