NICE Family like these. I drain the water out of can down the drain. Then I fill a sauce pan with water until it covers the potatoes. Add salt then bring water to the boil. Drain then serve. Lovely with gravy or sauce of your choice or just a bit more salt. Submitted by John 08/10/2017 09:19
Very odd! These are quite cheap, but they have a weird texture! It's almost as though they are so over cooked that they have lost all of their usual texture! I'm sorry, but I can't recommend them. I won't be buying them again!!! Submitted by Nicky 15/12/2015 08:39
Batchelors Potatoes Tender and go well in a vegetarian dish or on their own or chopped cooked to and added to an omelette Submitted by Andy 30/10/2015 02:15