Good quality ice cream, value for money! It is a good quality ice cream, and it is really produced in Italy. One of the best thing that Iceland sells... Try it! Submitted by Costa 30/06/2016 01:48
What a disgrace This product looked nothing like the packaging picture. It had obviously been thawed out and re-frozen and was just a runny liquid mess after it had been out of the freezer for about 7 minutes. POOR SHOW ICELAND! Submitted by dd 16/05/2016 06:33
Tasty Treat Being a big ice cream fan as soon as I saw these I knew I had to try them. They are really well protected & presented when you open the box but be aware that they do have a paper wrapper around the bottom inside of the plastic container. The crispy meringue pieces add a much needed texture to this pudding & the contrast to the smooth ice cream is nice. The coffee flavour in the middle is strong like an espresso but also has a more mellow aftertaste like a latte. My only criticism of this ice cream would be that's the exterior vanilla is just that little bit too sweet & tended to overpower my tastebuds with pure sweetness. Potentially the other dark tartufo wouldn't have this problem with it being chocolate. A definite must try for anyone who likes ice cream & actually a really substantial size as well, I however probably won't buy again as they were just that bit too sweet for me. Submitted by MEJones 08/05/2016 12:26
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