If Cookie Dough and Cookies & Cream Had a Baby... Struggling to pick between Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough and Häagen-Dazs Cookies & Cream? Struggle no more! This flavour is essentially a mix of the two... with some Oreo cookies thrown in for good measure! Cookie Dough has always been my preferred flavour of ice cream, but now this is. The one drawback of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough for me is the big hard chocolate chunks in it. It just doesn't go very well in cold, smooth, chewy ice cream. But, this flavour has solved that, replacing those hard chunks with chewy Oreo-style cookies. However, the one thing I would change about this flavour is that they seem to make the 'creme' filling for the cookies with coconut oil and you might be able to taste that (I can). It's not exactly a strong coconut taste, but if you hate coconut, you might not be able to ignore it. Disclaimer: I don't even like Oreo cookies... but ice cream versions work very well. Please don't ever stop selling this, as Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough has been a freezer staple for me for over a decade... now I suspect this will be! Submitted by notjustanotherfoodieblogger 30/09/2017 09:09
Ben and Jerrys Swich up Absolutely gorgeous! I'd never tried cookie dough before but since trying this I've been craving it like crazy, would most definitely recommend! Submitted by Ceta 03/06/2017 12:25