Every year I get this brand every year as I have tried Tesco, Sainsburys and a bronze turkey and out of them all Bernard Matthews is the most tender flavourful turkey you can get. Iceland seems to be the only place that does it, the only disadvantage of it is the drumsticks and wings fall off during cooking, so it wouldn't be for those who want to carve at the table. Personally for me I wouldnt do that, but thumbs up here for succulence and taste Submitted by big steve 18/12/2016 08:18
Best Ever This was the best turkey we had ever had! Very juicy! Submitted by Debbie Lee 30/12/2015 12:10
A lot better than the one scrooge brought A brilliant buy tasted that good I've brought another two this year Submitted by suezyj 07/11/2015 09:11
Boootiful !! Our christmas dinner was lovely thanks to this tender, moist Bird, not a lot leftovers as it was so good for cold cuts, sandwiches etc. Submitted by Rosemary Duffy 07/01/2014 08:28