One thing lets it down When prepared to the directions given I had no issues with sogginess or hard crusts. Overall very good but the sausage patty had a bit of an odd taste to it. The rest was very good - the microwave sleeve works very well and overall this gets 4 stars - only the sausage's taste let it down. Submitted by murf537 12/06/2016 09:41
Very nice Very nice, toast was a bit hard but overall reccomend Submitted by ryan 15/03/2016 05:44
Loaded breakfast toastie my foot! Thought I'd give this ago after reading the two other good reviews, all I can say was they must of been eating something entirely different from what I had! The sour dough bread ended up soggy in the middle yet the crusts were hard enough to break a tooth, the "loaded" filling was a complete joke! opened it up to see what I was eating & found one tiny rasher of bacon on one side of the bread, on the other side sat half a tiny omelette with a half sausage patty! & in the middle was what looked like a spoon full of "potato Rosti" which was not only dry but also rock hard! The cheese was a smear on the bread & all in all a huge disappointment! I'm giving it two stars because the taste wasn't half bad, just the size of the filling let it down big time. Could have been something nice if the stingy people who made it put enough filling in! Submitted by Bridget 13/03/2016 02:41
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