Delicious Saw this and thought I would try. Pleasantly surprised. Quick and easy to cook and a perfect snack. Definitely recommend Submitted by Sharon 23/06/2016 02:29
Seriously delicious These Big Snack Toastie's offer a good, filling snack, or part of a bigger meal. Of course they're not "loaded", what would anyone expect for the price? But the New York Deli one offers a good amount of flavoursome pastrami, cheese and nice hot of mustard and gherkin. If you want to add extra meat, or such, do so - I like to add a bit of mayo. I'm also pleasantly surprised by how crispy the bread goes in the sleeve. If you like deli sandwich tastes, you can't go wrong - I've eaten many and they're consistently good. Submitted by Daniel 19/06/2016 12:52
Vomit inducing Had to write a follow up review to my first one as after trying this for a second time was left feeling really sick so much so that after only two bites had to leave it. Think I was prob drunk the first time I ate it as everything seems to taste edible then, this time however it was vile tasting Submitted by Bridget 06/05/2016 08:56
Better than the breakfast one! Not bad, had two slices of Pastrami, a slice of cheese & 3 little pickles, prefer this one to the breakfast one as at least this had more filling & the toast didn't seem as soggy as the other. I would probably buy this again. Submitted by Bridget 16/03/2016 08:41