I love the crispy cover I like with brioche and mayonnaise Submitted by izagallagher 11/04/2018 03:15
Brill! My 12 year old son loves these and I have to admit I do too! The rice crispy coating is different, but gives these burgers a nice texture and the meat inside is fine. Not too dry, not too wet. We usually want 1 1/2 burger each. Excellent with any sauce, like sweet chilli, BBQ or salad dressing. Submitted by Moleena 29/10/2017 06:41
Tasty Burgers Very nice. Cook these in my Halowave oven. Like eating rice krispies with a burger which are both my favorite kind of meal. Submitted by John 08/10/2017 08:41
YUMMY!! Best Chicken Burgers I have ever had, the coating is crisp and the chicken is tender and full of flavour! Submitted by Lloyd Obrien 23/09/2017 05:15
Chicken quarter pounders Very very tasty. Excellent value for money Submitted by G D 16/08/2017 02:12
Birds Eye 2 Chicken Quarter Pounders The best chicken I have ever tasted. Will be buying more soon. Submitted by Evelina 22/01/2017 01:35
Best Chicken Burgers Easily the best Chicken Burgers i've purchased from a supermarket. The Outside is nice and crunchy and the inside is very tasty. How someone can give this 1 out of 5 is anyones guess. Submitted by Alan S 05/01/2017 10:00
Very processed These are disgusting and heavy. I felt sick after eating them and I don't know if it's because I eat proper meat and am not used to processed burgers. The outside was yummy but the meat in the middle is as good as cat food. Go buy yourself a proper piece of chicken, it's better for you. Submitted by J 04/08/2016 10:34
Taste great! Fabulous product, I buy these a lot! Good value for money. Submitted by Anonymous 04/05/2016 12:11
Brilliant Product Like the quality of the product a lot. Have added this to my favourites. Submitted by Christine 05/04/2016 11:18
Chunky and Crunchy! Love the rice-crispy crunch these retain when oven-baked. And a really nice meaty bite from the chicken. Tip: consider draping spicy chorizo slices over the top in the last few minutes in the oven. Submitted by S J P 19/07/2015 12:49
Brilliant Good, but cheaper elsewhere Submitted by Gary 27/05/2015 05:25
Gorgeous These are so moreish so worth trying if you haven't. Submitted by Victoria 10/02/2015 11:19
Yum Big and juicy, one each will do for any meal. Submitted by Jon 05/08/2014 11:35