Very nice I and my kids loved these. Very nice,generous sized pies. Submitted by Sonia 05/03/2018 02:30
Horrible Bought these because they are Birds Eye, will stick to your brand Iceland, your range are very tasty and a much better quality pie than Birds eye! Dissapointed Submitted by Jane 22/12/2017 01:51
Tolerable It's kind of crazy that anyone would describe these as the best chicken pies ever. The best low cost, mass produced, quick and easy chicken pies ever? I suppose they might be, but they're way too bland to sit anywhere higher on the scale. The filling is super runny, which means that, far from being crispy, the pastry base is soggy and collapses as soon as it hits the plate. The chicken pieces are really small and the vegetable content is mostly peas with a barely noticeable smattering of others. There's also a weird artificial taste that seems to have appeared more recently, so not sure if they've changed the recipe. Luckily Iceland do stock one of the best frozen chicken pies on the market, courtesy of their luxury pie range, which are stunning and not much more expensive. Submitted by Ian 11/11/2017 02:14
Best pies ever! The only chicken pies I will buy. Yes. they are a bit more expensive but as the old saying goes "You get what you pay for" Pastry is perfect & the filling is generous. I buy them every week, seriously the best chicken pies ever! 10/10 Submitted by LukaJ 09/05/2017 12:24
Best chicken pie ever Big favourite in our house. Submitted by Kell 31/08/2015 05:23
Love these pies Only pies I buy. We love the crispy pastry, could eat that buy itself, but the filling is very tasty too. Submitted by jane 27/12/2014 09:14