Terrible I have had these and found that they were so salty and I had to throw them away, I contacted Birdseye about this, Totally NOT recommended at all. Submitted by T.Cam 29/07/2018 04:44
Awesome Absolutely awesome, fantastic taste, fantastic value, great with vegetables or salad, would recommend. Submitted by Darren 18/07/2018 09:25
Horrible The lemon is the taste of this fish, it takes over the whole taste. I'm never buying this again. Submitted by cindy 10/06/2018 07:30
Inspirations Both of these flavours are really nice ...and at the special price are really good value. Submitted by bev 24/10/2017 12:48
Lovely! When cooked the fish has a very herby smell which I thought would overpower the flavour but it didn't. Lovely served with Iceland's skin-on chips and petit pois. Submitted by Lou Fox 15/10/2017 06:00
Really nice We're quite picky over fish but these actually turned out lovely. Cooked them in the oven and served them with champ and peas, added a little butter to the sauce from the fish. We'll definitely be buying them again! Submitted by Sean E 14/07/2017 07:56
Vile This fish was disgusting, tasted of nothing much and had lots of brown pieces in it. Submitted by Marian masterman 27/06/2017 05:28
Disappointed Not impressed, would not recommend. Submitted by Carmel 13/01/2017 11:01
B/E Lemon Fish fillets Usually I am impressed with Birds Eye but not these; the lemon is overpowering and quite bitter to the taste - you have been warned Submitted by Ian Roe 31/10/2016 06:34
Excellent Very nice, moist and tasty, enjoyed by us all. Submitted by bernice 11/07/2014 06:48