Very soft and yummy These burgers are lovely and soft to eat Submitted by Kim 22/07/2017 07:14
Yummy I haven't had these burgers in a couple of years but these have improved so much, so tasty meaty and juicy and seasoned well Submitted by caitlin <3 29/04/2017 06:33
Premium is the Word Bought on the multi buy offer for a change. Wow wow wooo wa these are scrummy Submitted by Borat Borales 21/01/2017 09:24
Multibuy of Dreams I get these anyway, but the 2 for £5 means my freezer is full to capacity. LOVE these burgers. Nicer than maccies! Submitted by 6 Nations - Whallop 21/01/2017 09:16
Best burger ever. So good. Better than chilled burgers as well. Cheap here. Yummo Submitted by T May 20/01/2017 10:03
Brilliant! Dunno what teds on about - got his yellow and brown boxes mixed up. These are amazing and better value than Iceland's own. No brainer!!! Submitted by Yumy yum yum 13/11/2016 11:03
Avoid Utter garbage. Full of fat and have a dreadful texture. Premium? Should be done under the trade descriptions act. Stick to Iceland's excellent own brand. Submitted by Daniel 19/07/2016 07:45
Not 100% Beef - read carefully. Don't get caught out by the 'sharp' packaging term - "Made with 100% Beef" ... This makes it sound like the burgers are 100% Beef, they aren't. They're 89% Beef with the rest made up of beef fat and wheat. When cooked they dramatically reduce in size and are soft. Submitted by Ted Hansens 07/07/2016 08:46