Bitburger 5L Keg Top Bier as drunk by the soldiers of BAOR and the RAF in west Germany during the Cold(Bier)War. We still it love too, our armed forces veterans frustuck club recommends it. Submitted by Sapper Ossie 28/06/2017 07:10
Nice enough beer but.... I found it to goes flat far too quickly after opening and it poured very slowly. Heineken kegs for example, keep fresh after opening for ages...I wish Iceland would sell those! Submitted by Ed 21/02/2017 01:14
Best beer Best beer I've had in years. Submitted by nick 01/03/2016 05:45
Keg lager This is a good lager. The only thing I am not happy with, is that you must push the stopper located on top into the keg so it is permanently floating about in the lager and if you leave the lager for a couple of days before you drink it all it means that air has been able to into the keg. A simple ring pull would have been better so you can replace it when leaving the lager for a while. Submitted by james fitzgerald 10/11/2015 01:54