Divine hot with Kelly's Cornish Cream ice cream Ok could have more pecan , but would burn by the time defrosted and baked, I really like it with Ice Cream... it is a great desert after lunch or dinner before coffee. A winner everybody loved. Submitted by Iza and Peter Gallagher 22/04/2017 01:11
Dissapointed Sorry to say these have gone downhill from the first time we had them. Next to no pecans or syrup. Dry Submitted by lesley 03/03/2017 10:58
Lovely! These were really tasty, I thought that the filling and the sweetness were just right, great with a cup of coffee or tea :) Submitted by Ben 12/01/2017 09:58
Very tasty! These were very nice and sometimes with this kind of product, you don’t always get a lot of filling but this has plenty. They were slightly more expensive than some other supermarkets but wouldn’t put me off, as they were so tasty! Submitted by Mel 27/07/2016 12:30
Moreish When they were done I was sad Submitted by Steve 26/07/2016 03:49
Scrummy Needs more filling, otherwise v.good Submitted by lesley 17/07/2016 11:31
Delicious Flaky pastry and the maple syrup is delicious! Submitted by Anonymous 07/07/2016 04:12
Disappointing Too greasy and more a sweet flaky pastry than a Danish. Not for me. Submitted by Terence 13/06/2016 12:12
Perfect when cooked for 30mins I agree with previous reviewer...30mins = perfectly cooked pastries! Price puts them in the every-now-and-again treat bracket...but taste-wise they're scrummy and very more-ish! Submitted by JJ 15/05/2016 05:48
Cook for a little bit longer These feel way overpriced considering they're not made with real butter AND frozen is usually cheaper. But they are so tasty. However, when cooked for 22 as per the instructions, I was left with internal dough that seemed a bit undercooked. For the rest of them I baked for 30 mins and they were perfect. Lower the price and they will be 5/5 all day long. Submitted by Luke 09/02/2016 12:17
Delicious! These are absolutely, delicious, good value for money and great to have in the freezer ready to bake. Especially good on a weekend when you have more time to enjoy them. 5 out of 5 Iceland. Submitted by Stephen 30/10/2015 11:23
OMG yummy Love these, so tasty! Submitted by sue 10/10/2015 06:18