Croissants These are the best Croissants - And I have tried Croissants from the other supermarkets - - 24 mins from a cold oven at 200 C -perfect! Submitted by Gordon 25/02/2017 05:24
Tres, tres bon! These are superb, as in really, really good. 18 mins at 180 degrees, perfect fresh croissant. These make my weekends, cook a couple of extras in the morning, slice open and fill with cheese and salamis for an afternoon alternative to a sandwich. Combine with the Pain au Chocolat's and/or the maple and pecan slices for a simply perfect breakfast. PLEASE do not stop selling these, it makes me nervous when you put things on discount!!!! Submitted by Graeme 11/12/2016 07:51
Great! So good to have fresh croissants at home, taste great too! Submitted by R.H. 07/07/2016 04:17
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