Fantastic These are very tasty, packed with flavour. Submitted by John 04/06/2017 06:33
Exceptional! I'm not a regular Iceland shopper but spotted these whilst escorting a Slimming World buddy on a ''new product' foray. I baked them for 30 minutes (just in case) and was amazed at not just how fab they looked but also how incredible they tasted. Sunday lie-ins have just got a whole lot better - sod the crumbs!! Needless to say, I've just registered to do an on-line shop and have ordered the other patisserie options too..... Submitted by Elizabeth 21/06/2015 10:35
Very nice, but... Tasty, but the cooking time given is too short. I found it took at least 25 mins to cook properly. Submitted by Anonymous 21/05/2015 07:22
Yum Gorgeous, tiny tip when you are on last 5 mins of cooking time, sprinkle with a little caster sugar....wait for them to cool before scoffing!! Submitted by Jo Eastman 06/05/2015 12:16
Bang goes the diet! These are just the best. Submitted by Anonymous 04/05/2015 07:39
Brilliant Delicioussssssssss. Well done Iceland. Submitted by Gary 10/04/2015 08:28