Gorgeous bread This is such a great tasting bread. Hope they keep selling it Submitted by Mrs G 30/01/2016 11:36
Makes a change from ordinary bread This bread had quite an unusual taste but I liked it none the less. When baked it had a nice crusty outside with a soft middle, went lovely buttered with a thick spicy soup, I must warn you however that the next day it went very soft & lost its crusty outside texture. Submitted by B 29/01/2016 09:00
Not U.S. Corn Bread Please be aware if you are buying this. If you think its like the Corn Bread you get in the United States its not. That said, its really nice bread :-) Submitted by Susan 15/07/2015 06:13
Corn bread Lovely bread, very tasty and a little bit different from any bread I've had before. There is no fruit or nuts just lovely chewy corn bread with a nice crust. Good with soup. I love everything in this new bakery range. Submitted by Meenaboo 01/06/2015 09:06
You really have to try this ! I bought this loaf for the first time, my daughter unpacked and it put all away not realising this loaf was frozen to go into the freezer. So I cut a few slices, butter, yum, but it tastes so much nicer toasted with butter, full of fruit and nuts and tastes so delicious, if you like this kind of loaf I'd definitely recommend it. A full 5 stars. You will love it. Submitted by Geraldine 02/05/2015 08:16