Why do products I like always get discontinued? These were nice. My kids loved them. Now they're discontinued. I'm not happy. Submitted by Disgruntled former choc au pain buyer. 20/07/2017 02:55
Just not what it should be Chocolate is cheap, way too much pastry.. I love Pain au Chocolat, and if you do too I do not recommend these, used once and threw away. edible, but not for me. Submitted by Sara 13/04/2017 03:38
So tasty! Love these they taste delicious. Submitted by Zenab 15/01/2017 02:00
Very nice Very nice but had trouble cooking them - always end up burning the outer pastry. Submitted by Kevin_E 19/11/2016 08:41
Perfect One of my favourites. Great for breakfast. Submitted by Lauren 15/06/2016 02:58
Gorgeous! Love these, they rise beautifully and the pastry crumbles as it should. Submitted by Abi 25/02/2016 06:40
The best pain au chocolat outside France INCREDIBLE! These look disappointing in their frozen/uncooked state but when you remove them from the oven, you'll be blown away! Better than anything I have had from anywhere in the UK. Well done Iceland! Submitted by Jo 01/02/2016 06:18
Delicious These have gone down very well in our house although I think they are a tad pricey for what they are Submitted by Mumofboys 08/01/2016 09:01
Delicious! These pain au chocolates are the best frozen ones we've tasted, a decent size, melt in the mouth pastry and lovely rich chocolate filling - bigger and better than Sainsbury's (I've tried both). As others have said they need a few minutes longer cooking than the instructions say. Submitted by Elizabeth 12/07/2015 11:33
Delicious! The best pain au chocolate I've tasted, loads of chocolate, even though I don't really do dark choc, it was still yummy. Submitted by Kim 25/05/2015 04:23
Delicious!! Made these for the whole family. No waiting for them to cool in this house. Will definitely have to buy more. Submitted by judy 26/04/2015 05:30
Chocolate is awful Didn't like the chocolate inside Submitted by Luke 21/04/2015 10:34
Fantastic Product Fantastic Product! Bake them at 200°C and enjoy them with a coffee. Mmmm yummy!! Submitted by Nicolas 17/04/2015 06:35